MEDEXPO is also an organizer for a series of conferences and events, concerning wood and bioclimatic architecture:

2009 Athens - Greece
  • AHEC (American Hardwood Export Council) - EUROPEAN CONVENTION
  • MTC (Malaisian Timber Council)

  • Building with wood seminars
    Those seminars were the result of the co-operation between MEDEXPO and the Austrian platform for wood promotion pro:Holz Austria, the European Wood Initiative, the Swedish Forest Industries Federation and Norwegian Sawmill Industries Association. The contribution of Greek associations, international organizations and universities is also worth mentioning.

  • BUILDING WITH WOOD 2009 Athens - Greece
  • BUILDING WITH WOOD 2010, Thessaloniki - Greece
  • BUILDING and LIVING WITH WOOD 2010: Istanbul - Turkey
    "Modern solutions for building with wood in the Mediterranean Area"
  • BUILDING WITH WOOD 2011 Tirana - Albania
    "Modern products & technologies for Building with Wood! Wooden roof trusses"
  • BUILDING WITH WOOD SEMINAR 2012 Patra - Greece
    "Wooden structures of roof & houses"

  • 2017 Egypt – Cairo
    Wood Design & Technology Seminar - Τhe importance of design and innovations in construction

    2018 Athens The Architect Show - Leisure Architecture & Resorts